Marketo Engage 
- free in-person Bootcamp


Who is this session for?

The 3 hour in-person Bootcamp session is typically aimed at users who know the fundamentals of Marketo Engage, who want to learn the essential skills to push their abilities to the next level. But in particular...

  • Anyone looking to build marketing automation skills, increase confidence and make an impact with Marketo Engage
  • Those already using Marketo Engage, but who need a refresher and want to learn best-practice ways to deliver Marketo projects
  • Marketing professionals who have recently deployed Marketo Engage and need to get up-to-speed quickly
  • Those who are migrating to Marketo Engage and would like an introduction to this powerful marketing automation platform

Don't worry, we'll be providing lunch to power you through the session!

Places are limited to ensure each bootcamp is personalised to the group. Reserve your place now. 

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What will the bootcamp cover?

Best practice training delivered by Agent3’s Marketo Certified Experts including:

  • Quick wins to add instant value
  • Programme types and their usage
  • Programme creation, channels and configuration
  • Smart campaigns, triggers, filters, smart lists and flow steps
  • Email and landing page setup and usage
  • Design studio: templates, imagery and files
  • Form creation, configuration and progressive profiling
  • Tokens, dynamic content and personalisation
  • Operational best-practice
  • Reporting to demonstrate effectiveness of Marketo
  • Q&A session

13th September 2022, 11am - 2pm
Agent3's London office. 

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Make the most from your platform. Let our Marketo Engage experts guide you and your team through the core features of the platform, helping you gain knowledge and solve the problems you’re facing. Our bootcamp training is built for teams who want to get ahead of the curve in marketing automation.

Upgrade your knowledge in Marketo Engage, quiz the experts with real life challenges and gain skills you can implement straight away.