Get the most from your marketing automation.

Get more use out of your system's advanced functionality.

With trained experts in Marketo, HubSpot and Pardot, we offer support to in-house teams who wish to upskill around a particular Marketing Automation platform. This training can support those responsible for basic operations right through to more advanced functionality.

1) Bootcamps: 

Make the most from your platform. Let our experts guide you and your team through the core features of the platform, helping you gain knowledge and solve the problems you’re facing. Delivered virtually, our bootcamp training is built for teams who want to get ahead of the curve in marketing automation.

2) Certification prep-courses: 

Whether it's the Marketo Certified Expert Exam, or a certification specific to Pardot or HubSpot, we've got you covered. Agent3’s exam preparation courses have been developed to walk candidates through each topic area that the exam covers, as well as providing a more general Q&A session to focus on areas that the candidate isn’t confident with. In addition, we’ll also provide a number of mock exam questions ands answers.

3) Bespoke training: 

We provide tailored support to in-house teams looking to deploy or optimise pieces of key functionality in their platforms such as event builds, scoring programs or nurture approaches. This type of training tends to focus on dealing with the nuances of specific instances, enabling the users to self serve.

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