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Agenda for the webinar:

- B2B client marketing trends - where the fight for the £/$ exists
- Positioning and sales messaging - Lead vs demand gen - what’s the difference and why it’s so important to understand
- Common myths and pitfalls - what to do about them
- Identifying and tapping into the opportunity
- Integrating Demand Gen as a sustainable part of your value proposition
- Impact on content and data strategy
- Getting set for scale (Planning, people, process, technology)

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Webinar: 2022 Approaches to Content Monetization

Publishers have fast woken up to the fact that ‘traditional’ digital content monetization approaches are outdated and under pressure. Industry experts will discuss how to add significant revenue & data acquisition through content syndication. Watch the on-demand webinar now. 

We discussed how B2B media organizations can move to results-based advertising products, allowing them to add significant revenue & data acquisition through content syndication.

Key topics:

  • Demand gen is a core element of the marketing solutions playbook.
  • Entrepreneurs can benefit from increased growth, repeatable revenues, increased CLV and a higher value business.
  • Getting started, getting it right and scaling the proposition can, however, all be challenging.

Fergus Gregory

Managing Director - Scaleup, Collingwood Advisory

Will Brookes


Jordan Adams

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Paul Franklin

Ex-Operations Director, 
Dennis Publishing

Collingwood Advisory provides value creation and scale-up advice to growing media businesses. The team of senior advisers have decades of experience in media business models and helping Collingwood clients to embed sales strategy and best practice in their businesses to maximise growth and quality of earnings.


Part of the Agent3 family, oneninefive helps some of the world's most respected B2B brands build thoughtful demand generation programs that increase account engagement and accelerate pipelines. In short, it connects B2B companies with B2B buyers, in any country, in any language in the world. All 1 9 5 of them.


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